Should you take a COVID-19 test?

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Do you have an open mind? Can you suspend judgment for a moment? Most people can’t, but what if your job depends on it? What if the freedom to hug people depends on it? What if your life depends on it?

Here’s a new theory. First, consider that we live in a world where everything is toxic – the soil, the water, the air, our food…even our medicines are toxic. Even stress can be toxic.

Now, imagine that all these toxins are poisonous to us on a cellular level. Imagine that our cells have a defense mechanism and respond to the situation. Poisoned genetic material, either RNA or DNA, is packaged up and sent out of the cell in tiny balls of protein. Let’s call these balls of genetic material “exosomes”.

Let’s imagine that exosomes can act as messages to alert other cells of a particular poison. And so all throughout the body, more and more cells package up the poisons of material and release it. Also, at certain times of the year, due to temperature cycles humans tend to purge a high number of these poisons and genetic materials out of the body, resulting in symptoms of illness. These exosomes neither cause illness nor are they infectious, though they do appear to spread throughout the body. Now that’s exosome theory.

Let’s move onto the established theory of viruses. Viruses are generally regarded as not alive. They have no cellular structure and do not reproduce on their own, though we do have trillions of them inside our bodies. They are tiny bits of genetic material, either RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) or DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) packaged in tiny protein balls that appear to exit and enter cells. Sound familiar?

We believe that some of these entities are infectious and pathogenic-transmitting amongst humans and reproducing inside our bodies causing illness and death. So let’s look at the situation for this Corona Virus and compare what is happening to these two theories.

Let’s first consider the original story of the Corona Virus. A group of people had a respiratory illness unresolved by antibiotics. So medical officials began looking of course for a virus. What they eventually found under the electron microscope were small protein balls being excreted by the cell. Okay, on first comparison this would make sense in both exosome theory and virus theory.

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